Announcing the Second Annual Tolkien Lecture at Pembroke College, Oxford

Adam RobertsWe are pleased to announce that science-fiction author Professor Adam Roberts will be delivering the second annual Pembroke Tolkien Lecture on Fantasy Literature.

The lecture will take place at 7pm on Friday, 2nd May, at the Pichette Auditorium, Pembroke College. Please sign up here if you wish to attend. We hope to welcome as many people as possible, both from inside and outside Oxford University.

Adam Roberts is Professor of Nineteenth-century Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published fourteen science fiction novels, the most recent of which are Jack Glass (Gollancz 2012), which won the BSFA and Campbell awards for best SF novel of the year; and Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea (Gollancz 2014; with Mahendra Singh). With his academic hat on, he has published articles and books on a range of topics including Tolkien. The Riddles of the Hobbit (Palgrave 2013) is the most recent. The academic hat is purely metaphorical. He does not generally wear headgear.

If you have any questions about the upcoming lecture, please contact Gabriel Schenk or William Badger.

Photographs from the first Pembroke College Lecture on Fantasy Literature

Photographs of Kij Johnson and the first Pembroke College Fantasy Lecture by Agnieszka Badger:

More photographs of the lecture by Adam Lindley, Pembroke MCR student:

Photographs of Kij Johnson’s Fiction Masterclass by Gabriel Schenk, Pembroke MCR student:

Finally, we found a photograph of Tolkien standing outside Pembroke. We’re not sure when it was taken, but we’d love to know if more photos of Tolkien at Pembroke exist! We made two other versions of the photograph — one that shows it in its modern context, and another that shows Kij Johnson, our first lecturer, standing near the spot! These photographs demonstrate how we are all, literally, walking in the footsteps of people from the past!

Lecture Podcast Now Available

Thanks to all who came for a successful (and very packed!) first lecture in our series on Fantasy Literature at Pembroke.

A podcast version of the lecture is now available, for people to share with others, or listen to for the first time if you were unable to make it on Friday because of the snow storm!

From the Press Release: Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien



 (Oxford, December 28, 2012) Pembroke College have invited award-winning author Kij Johnson to deliver the inaugural Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien. The first annual lecture in the series designed to explore the history and current state of fantasy literature will take place on January 18th at 6 pm, it was jointly announced today by Meghan Campbell, President of the Pembroke College Middle Common Room (MCR), Catherine Beckett, Deputy Development Director, Pembroke College, and Kendall Murphy, Representative of the Pembroke College Annual Fund. Professor Johnson will also offer a fiction masterclass at Pembroke on January 19th from 10 am until noon.

The series is intended to memorialize Tolkien, who was Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Pembroke for twenty years; he wrote The Hobbit and much of The Lord of the Rings during his time at the college. The lectures are sponsored through a grant from the Pembroke Annual Fund.

Both the lecture and the fiction masterclass are free and open to the public, but online registration is required to reserve a place on the fiction course. Follow this link.


Announcing the First Annual Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien

This will be the site where we announce any news related to the annual Pembroke Lecture on Fantasy Literature in Honour of JRR Tolkien. The first lecture will be given by Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Kij Johnson at Pembroke College on 18 January 2013 at 6 pm. Professor Johnson will also offer a fiction masterclass at Pembroke the following day, the 19th January, from 10 am until Noon. Both events are free and open to all, but registration is required for the fiction class.